Tweet Thoughts 3/29/2012


Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter)
“RT @dougcfoster: Where do you see Trent Richardson landing? … Don’t see him slipping past Rams at No. 6, with CLEV and TB also possible.”

Richardson has got to be thinking “Oh god.” Why? Think Steven Jackson. Many years of being a talented player on a team that can best be described as “not so talented”. There is no such thing as a game changing running back anymore. Well, at least not in the absence of a somewhat talented Quarterback.

“Daily Game: Haters hate UP. People never take time to talk bad about someone below themselves. Think about it.”

I am not very “street” or “gangster”. But I can respect the thought in this tweet. Haters gonna hate. If you don’t have haters then you must not have much of anything.

 Funny or Die (@funnyordie)
“Ron Burgundy (Will Ferrell) backstage at Conan before his ‘Anchorman 2’ announcement. ”

What!? Anchorman 2! No way. Am I the only one that didn’t know there was going to be an Anchorman 2?


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